Taking Power with Economic Demands

which justice A better world begins with better demands. The program of the Tax Wall Street Party is the modern revival of the American School of Political Economy, a capitalist economic program based on the work of Alexander Hamilton. The program of the American School of capitalism has been historically proven to allow the United States to become economically independent and nationally self-sufficient.

happy We demand protections and incentives for the producers of tangible goods and services, programs to improve the quality of life for American communities, and an end to harmful free trade and financial speculation.

1. Tax and Re-Regulate Wall Street

marriage Wall Street speculators – not the American people – are responsible for the ongoing economic depression. Make them pay! Our flagship demand is a 1% sales tax on stocks, bonds and derivatives to stop state and federal budget cuts.

2. Take Back Our Money System

3r Alexander Hamilton, the architect of America’s First National Bank, proved that a national debt, if not excessive, is a great advantage to a modern nation. A sustained economic recovery requires a source of credit which can be neither zombie banks nor the federal budget.

3. Restore American Factories and Farms

6 The fight against free trade is as old as trade itself. In recent decades, “protectionism” has become a forbidden word never to be uttered by politician or pundit. This stranglehold must be broken, and protections against cheap labor and cheap prices put back on the agenda.

4. A Strong Social Safety Net

tc “Necessitous men are not free men.” We demand new and improved programs to provide all Americans with access to proper housing, food, medical care, education and retirement security.